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October 15th – 11:00 am (Moscow time)

October 15th

11:00 am 
(Moscow time)



The first online event in English with a comprehensive analysis of automobile distributors and dealer networks’ digital services in Russia.

Why now?

Dissatisfied customers or unjustified expectations

Current formats of digital service in dealer networks do not meet consumer expectations

Difficulties in the strategy transformation

The vast majority of dealers are not ready to independently transform processes in favor of the customer's convenience

The new competitive 
sales strategy

The work quality of the dealer networks in the digital service channels becomes a competitive advantage for the automotive brand

About the event

Experts from automotive high-tech companies break down the customer journey map step-by-step for each brand and formulate personalized recommendations.

Within just 40 minutes, you'll be presented with the results of a full-scale study and offered to organize individual follow-up meetings to form a roadmap for digital transformation.

You will gain useful insights into the ideal shopping experience map based on existing customer's expectations and modern technology solutions.


Within 40 minutes, we'll present the results 
of a full-scale study


Automotive brand websites


Evaluation criteria


Hours of expertise


distributors and importers


Strategic Management



After Sales Service

Evaluated criteria

Websites and digital retailing tools

  • Mobile versions and load speed
  • Digital retailing tools
  • Models and trims comparison services
  • RichContent and configurators
  • Credit prices and special offers communications
  • New and used vehicle cross sales

Communication channels

  • Speed and completeness of calls, applications and chats answering
  • Mobile app
  • Customer account and service history

Online sales

  • Online vehicle reservation
  • Trade-in appraisal and residual value calculator
  • Used vehicle certification programs
  • Credit calculator
  • Online insurance
  • Order status tracking
  • Extended warranty & maintenance packages
  • Parts and accessories
  • Maintenance & repair calculators

Marketing channels

  • Contextual advertising and share of showings
  • Remarketing tools
  • Main website pages SEO

Reputation management

  • Rating on main websites
  • Reviews and official responses
  • Social media activity

Organizers of the event

Speakers and topics

Alexander Usoltsev

Study summary

Daniel Pervukhin

Digital retailing tools and websites

Eric Ferits

Online merchandising quality management

Dmitry Savchenko

Timing and completeness of traffic processing

Alexander Ernezaks

Effectiveness of marketing channels analysis

Dmitry Tretyakov

Overall customer satisfaction

Special bonus

All online event participants will have the opportunity to set-up an extended appointment with the study authors team and receive a detailed analysis according to the evaluated criteria with an individual step-by-step plan of changes.


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